The Gammy Leg Returns

December 5, 2012 § 11 Comments

Sky Apple Cafe

The thing about dermatomyositis is that is can permanently damage muscles and that’s something I’ve been hoping wouldn’t happen to me. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know I’ve got a ‘gammy’ leg – ‘gammy’ translating to a lot of pain in my left leg and associated swelling, when I do a bit too much exercise (by too much, we’re talking here of minute amounts of exercise, not climbing a mountain or anything).

So the other day I went out for a lovely lunch with my daughter, Elaine. We went to a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne called Heaton, where there’s a few nice vegetarian and generally bohemian type cafes, over a fairly short distance.

In the first cafe we went to, called Sky Apple Cafe, we had a very delicious all day  vegetarian Big Breakfast. It was such a lovely bright, crisp, blue sky, winter day that we decided that we would walk to another cafe, Heaton Perk, for cake and decaff coffee, the walk being about half a mile.

Now recently I’ve been building up my strength and stamina and I’ve been able to walk about half a mile (with a couple of rest stops) so, I was fairly confident getting to the the cafe for my cake. So, off we went, on the cold, crisp, bright day and made it, slowly, to Heaton Perk. Once ensconced, we talked about life and books and politics and how much I miss travelling. We ate gluten free lemon drizzle cake and drank steaming decaffeinated coffee and decided that life doesn’t get much better than this: Little pockets of happiness and cake.

Then we walked the half mile back to the car and off we went.

Doesn’t sound like much exercise does it. Well today my leg is swollen and very sore again. When I walk my knee buckles under me and the joint is very painful as well as the muscles around it. It’s so frustrating, not being able to even do a little walk without this happening. How on earth can I get back to where I was at this rate. However, I am utterly grateful Im not in a wheelchair like a lot of people with this disease.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and far or there and back again

September 10, 2012 § 8 Comments

Ella wanting to come on the intrepid expedition

My dog Ella wanting to come on the intrepid expedition

In the spirit of the postaday challenge to add audio to a blog post (which I totally missed) I decided to record my intrepid adventure to the end of the road and back again.

Blog readers, this is an account of a trek, nearly beyond human endurance. A trek that tests a human to the limits of their capabilities (well this human anyway). OK I may be exaggerating, a bit 😉

The Trek Begins: There and Back Again…

Gammy leg in tow, I began my trip, from my house to the very edges of my road. I had to navigate through small children, screaming as they saw this hideous half pig (from my steroid moonface) half human, emerge, hobbling along like a modern, female, version of Quasimodo (the bells, the bells!)

Here, blog readers are excerpts from that trip, recorded for your delectation and delight (beware the Geordie accent, not quite as pronounced as Cheryl Cole but almost).

Hope these play on non Mac OS’s:


And back again…

A Trek in Pictures

Here I am starting out on the epic adventure – aka the top of my road, tis no ordinary road, this is a lovely place that I live in:

Halfway there (puff, pant, tired, sore)

Halfway there – it’s actually quite a long road you know!

And finally the end is in sight – phew!

The end is in sight! Have to turn around now of course

Journeys End

I made it back, intact, leg a bit sore but that’s OK. I just have to keep it up and that’s hard when your leg has a tendency to swell up and give you pain like you’ve not experienced since childbirth. Thank god for heat packs.

UPDATE: Since this epic trek, my leg has actually been much improved and I’ve even done a little bit of gardening…dare I say, I may be at a turning point, oh how I hope…

More Gammy Leg Tales

September 3, 2012 § 9 Comments

On behalf of all slow coaches – I’m sorry!

So, i’ve got this sore leg. It’s my left leg as it happens. It swells up around the knee if i use it too much, by too much we’re talking here of a short (very short) walk. It hurts and it twitches. The twitches don’t hurt, they’re just annoying, like the twitch you get in your eye when you’re really tired, except this is all over my leg.

I went out the other day to the shops, first outing on my own, that far, for 3 months – I needed to get some painkillers and heat packs, for the leg. Of course the little outing was an ironic one as it made my leg hurt more. But it’s important that I get out and try to build my stamina and become a little more normal.

You know when you’re in a crowd and there’s an old person, or a person with a small child in front of you and they’re walking really slowly and you just want to scream at them, “out of my way beyatch!”?

Well…I was that person today. I was the little old granny, or mother with a toddler, getting in your way. I was acutely aware of being slow and annoying, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

So I’ll say on behalf of all those annoyingly slow people who get in your way, sorry, you’ll just have to be kind and grin and bear it – you never know when it might be you, dragging your gammy leg along, with a queue of people behind you.

Oh and just to emphasise the pathetic nature of my walking capabilities at present. I was going into hospital recently for a scan and I was hobbling along and a man, easily in his 70’s, walking with a stick, overtook me, sigh.

UPDATE: Ive just had a letter though from the hospital (about the above mentioned bone density scan). I have Osteopenia of the hips – more on what that is in another post as Im in shock, although I don’t know why as it’s a complication of the steroids.

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