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November 6, 2012 § 5 Comments

I’m trying really hard to get back to work at the minute. I enjoy my work (I work in the world of online identity) and I really want to get back to working a proper full day and feeling like I’m part of the team again. I want to feel wanted and needed and like I’m making a contribution. The people I work with have been amazing. I’m incredibly lucky to have a boss who cares and understands what I’ve been going through and who has been incredibly supportive, never putting me under pressure to get back to work before I’m ready.

But between hospital and local doctor visits and sleeping (because I’m still so tired) I loose enormous amounts of time. Being ill, is in itself, virtually a full time job: I feel quite panicked by it in fact.

How do you manage illness and still feel like you’re making a contribution?


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