Ella the Miracle Dog

November 8, 2012 § 18 Comments

This post was inspired after reading a post by Jill of jillillinoisRN about her lovely doggie, Mandy.

I too have a most wonderful doggie called, Ella. Ella is beautiful and clever and funny and is one of my best friends. But she is also a poorly dog and is called the Miracle dog by our local vets for good reason.

In 2008 Ella was diagnosed with diabetes. She was 9 years old then and was starting to go blind because of cataracts caused by the disease. It was awful to watch that wonderful dog, who had stood by my side through some awful emotional times over those 9 years and had been my stalwart friend, being unable to climb stairs or manoeuvre through rooms easily. So we took her to a specialist doctor, in Cumbria, who removed the cataracts and gave her back her sight, she became a pup again and was so happy to be able to see again: A dog may have an amazing sense of smell but trust me, they need their sight too.

We were able to get Ella’s diabetes stabilised and for a while she was her old self. Then one day she became very ill. She started getting bruises all over and her normally, beautiful deep pink belly went ashen white. We again had a visit to our wonderful vets. This problem was a difficult one to diagnose and at first they thought it was poisoning, perhaps rat poisoning. Ella was put on vitamin K therapy, which entailed being given a VERY large vitamin K tablet every 6 hours, including through the night. Anyone reading this who has a dog, will know that giving dogs big tablets, isn’t easy, it’s a massive pain in the bum, especially at 4am. Still, it seemed to work and she became a little better. Then about 3 weeks later she collapsed. Seeing a dog faint is a very shocking experience and I was horrified at how badly I responded, I didn’t know what to do and panicked. Thankfully Steve has first aid training and he resuscitated her. We rushed her to the vets and she was kept in for tests and observation. To cut a long story short, Ella was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition known as thrombocytopenia. This condition is treated with the same drugs as dermatomyositis, so me and Ella have much in common.

Since then Ella has gone into remission, but then the disease came back again recently, so now, again, she is back on prednisolone with her mumsie. She has also since developed a heart conditions and pancreatitis.

To look at her, you’d think there was nothing wrong with her. She continues to do her dog jobs which mainly involve guarding the house  – she’s actually a bit rubbish at it (don’t tell her I said that): Once she was sitting guarding the house beside an open sliding door and a mouse ran in the house right past her – she didn’t even notice. She is 14 next March and that is around the limit of life for her breed (bolognaise) but yet she loves life and she is a firm member of the pack, only second to me – I’m top dog, she is second in command, followed closely by her toy, Suckling Pig and finally bottom of the pack is Steve (completely ruled by Ella).

The vets call her the miracle dog and she is, she has cheated death on many occasions and is an inspiration to me everyday. I love her so incredibly much and I know that she won’t be around for much longer and that feels like a terrible pain in my heart.

Ella has many names, Ella, Minstrel, Pushkin, Lambskin, DD, Little D, Chi chi L’amour, Monster Mash, but she is and always will be, my darling, inspiring dog.

Here’s a  video of Ella bullying Steve:


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