What I Wish . . . following on from Sus’ Theme

October 31, 2012 § 4 Comments

I wish my mouth didn’t hurt and I could eat a meal and enjoy it !!!! 

Only earlier today I was telling someone that I was feeling good and that my mouth had cleared up – certainly compared to a couple of weeks ago.  Well once again I spoke too soon.  After dinner tonight my teeth were aching, my gums literally throbbing and by tongue burning.  I immediately did the mouth wash routine I have to do but even now – over 3 hours later, it is still hurting and feeling raw.  I have to say that of all the chemo side effects this is the one that I hate the most – that, and the metallic taste.  It really puts you off your food and even when you think you are having something nice to eat, it still tastes like metal !!!!!!!

On a happier note I saw my haematologist today.  She is such a great lady – both a great clinician as well as caring.  I feel very privileged to have struck the jackpot in having her on my side.  Anyway, she says I am going really well – although she did say I  have the look of someone battered about by five doses of heavy duty chemo treatment (seems make up can hide only so much !!).   We are now getting to the point where we are starting to arrange the post chemo PET scan to see how the treatment has worked. There is every reason to believe all is on track – but I guess we will only know for sure once the tests are done. She was showing me all the results from my bloods  – and the cumulative affect of the chemo.  It really brought home to me just how much it knocks the system around and how dramatic the changes are over the life of the chemotherapy.  Little wonder it takes a good six months or so to get your body back into decent condition after the therapy finishes.  I just feel very lucky that my body has held up pretty well.  So I guess at the end of the day – I shouldn’t be wishing for too much.  After all I have been pretty lucky.


Feeling Pretty Awful . . . Chemo Saturation Point !!!!!!

October 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

Over the last week I have been feeling pretty ordinary.  I feel like I have reached saturation point with the chemo and drugs – and just feel sick most of the time.  I feel sick in my stomach and in my head – this funny sicky headache thing.

When I started down this track  they warned me that the last three chemo doses are likely to  be more difficult than the first few.  And they are right.   I take the anti-nausea tablets and I guess they work for a while but I wake up each day with the same awful sick feeling.  There isn’t much I feel like eating – so that’s a struggle.  The metallic taste has come back with vengeance.  I thought that by drinking heaps and heaps of fluid that I might avoid it, but alas not.  I just end up nauseous, feel like I’m eating metal and get up all night to go to the toilet.

After dose four I am also finding that my bones are aching.  I was warned this might also happen but until the last dose of chemo I have, thankfully, managed to avoid it.

I’m also having lots of weird dreams – they seem very vivid at the time but I never seem to remember the details when I get up.

So I guess this is how things are meant to be – no point complaining.  Just get on with it !!!!

Help Please . . . .

September 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

Has anyone got any tips/tricks/remedies for this awful, awful taste I have in my mouth ????????  It is driving me crazy.  I just had a lemonade icy pole (icy stick) thinking it might help but I swear it has made it worse.  There is no fun being hungry when everything tastes so sour and awful.  It feels like the chemo is just literally eking out of me – I smell it and taste it in everything.   Am I just imagining it?????    Also, tried lollies but even they are not working !!!!


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