A Year Out of Perspective

December 31, 2012 § 8 Comments

2013 Greeting card - Happy New Year

sus1Well it has been a bit of an odd year. A year out of perspective, one that really, I’d rather hadn’t happened.  But it has and I need to get on with my life and move into the New Year and take advantage of the freshness of that change.

I was talking to a friend this weekend and she said to me, “but Susie, when people have life changing events happen to them, like being told they’ve got an awful illness, they change their perspective on life and start to make changes, do things they’ve always wanted to, you need to do that too”.

I just didn’t know what to say, other than, I just want normal back. Yes, I did go through a period where I had an almost religious reaction to my diagnosis and felt I should do something ‘worthwhile’, but I quickly moved into the next phases of denial and depression. Maybe that’s a failing in me, but I can’t force myself. Yes of course I’d love to travel and achieve some professional goals and loose weight and spend more time with friends and all the usual stuff you want to do in a new year. But, what I really want, is normality, to be able to go for a proper long walk without fear of hurting myself so badly, that I’ll be unable to walk for a week, to not feel dreadful all the time and tired and sore. If I can achieve this in 2013 I’d be very happy with that.

To all the blog readers, sick and well, hope your 2013 is everything you want and hope for.

Susie x

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§ 8 Responses to A Year Out of Perspective

  • Nichole Smith says:

    It’s the little things in life now! To a better year ahead!! Xoxoxoxo

    • susiemorrow says:

      It really is, but Im not sure you;d understand unless you’d had them taken away – good luck t all of use in 2013 Nichole, hope you’re able to celebrate little tonight xxx

  • JillinoisRN says:

    Happy New Year, Susie…. hopefully we’ll both win the lottery, find dogs that never get sick, and have body part transplants that never fail 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    Hey Susie,
    I can relate to your want for normality. I’m with you there. 🙂 I’m a new reader to your blog, glad I found you! I’m about 6 years in with DM and trying to get back in to blogging…
    I’d say ‘hang in there’ but then I’d have to smack myself as it’s so smarmy lol. So I’ll just say I’m wishing you well. =]

    • susiemorrow says:

      Hello Michelle!

      Sorry you’ve got the dreaded dermatomyositis (or dermatomyo-shite-is as I like to call it). Its an awful disease, 6 years in too, hope you’re well into remission?

      Actually ‘hang in there’ is very apt, as I feel like I’m am just about hanging in there some days. Let me know when you’ve got a blog please xx

  • Maryann Parker says:

    Happy New Year Susan, I can totally understand your wish for normalcy. I really appreciate being able to do things like get dressed and prepare a meal now, because when I could not do them I was so down. I do hope your walking improves this year, in fact I am pretty sure it is going to and your new years blog next year will celebrate it.
    Best always,

    • susiemorrow says:

      Hi Maryann, its funny how normal suddenly becomes attractive when you loose it. Yes 2013 is the year that DM will become a memory (here’s hoping anyway). Hope you’re well? I’m hoping that next new year I’ll be running, not just walking (wow thats a bit of a goal because I wasn’t much of a runner before!!) xxx

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