Ella the Miracle Dog

November 8, 2012 § 18 Comments

This post was inspired after reading a post by Jill of jillillinoisRN about her lovely doggie, Mandy.

I too have a most wonderful doggie called, Ella. Ella is beautiful and clever and funny and is one of my best friends. But she is also a poorly dog and is called the Miracle dog by our local vets for good reason.

In 2008 Ella was diagnosed with diabetes. She was 9 years old then and was starting to go blind because of cataracts caused by the disease. It was awful to watch that wonderful dog, who had stood by my side through some awful emotional times over those 9 years and had been my stalwart friend, being unable to climb stairs or manoeuvre through rooms easily. So we took her to a specialist doctor, in Cumbria, who removed the cataracts and gave her back her sight, she became a pup again and was so happy to be able to see again: A dog may have an amazing sense of smell but trust me, they need their sight too.

We were able to get Ella’s diabetes stabilised and for a while she was her old self. Then one day she became very ill. She started getting bruises all over and her normally, beautiful deep pink belly went ashen white. We again had a visit to our wonderful vets. This problem was a difficult one to diagnose and at first they thought it was poisoning, perhaps rat poisoning. Ella was put on vitamin K therapy, which entailed being given a VERY large vitamin K tablet every 6 hours, including through the night. Anyone reading this who has a dog, will know that giving dogs big tablets, isn’t easy, it’s a massive pain in the bum, especially at 4am. Still, it seemed to work and she became a little better. Then about 3 weeks later she collapsed. Seeing a dog faint is a very shocking experience and I was horrified at how badly I responded, I didn’t know what to do and panicked. Thankfully Steve has first aid training and he resuscitated her. We rushed her to the vets and she was kept in for tests and observation. To cut a long story short, Ella was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition known as thrombocytopenia. This condition is treated with the same drugs as dermatomyositis, so me and Ella have much in common.

Since then Ella has gone into remission, but then the disease came back again recently, so now, again, she is back on prednisolone with her mumsie. She has also since developed a heart conditions and pancreatitis.

To look at her, you’d think there was nothing wrong with her. She continues to do her dog jobs which mainly involve guarding the house  – she’s actually a bit rubbish at it (don’t tell her I said that): Once she was sitting guarding the house beside an open sliding door and a mouse ran in the house right past her – she didn’t even notice. She is 14 next March and that is around the limit of life for her breed (bolognaise) but yet she loves life and she is a firm member of the pack, only second to me – I’m top dog, she is second in command, followed closely by her toy, Suckling Pig and finally bottom of the pack is Steve (completely ruled by Ella).

The vets call her the miracle dog and she is, she has cheated death on many occasions and is an inspiration to me everyday. I love her so incredibly much and I know that she won’t be around for much longer and that feels like a terrible pain in my heart.

Ella has many names, Ella, Minstrel, Pushkin, Lambskin, DD, Little D, Chi chi L’amour, Monster Mash, but she is and always will be, my darling, inspiring dog.

Here’s a  video of Ella bullying Steve:


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§ 18 Responses to Ella the Miracle Dog

  • jillinois says:

    I love Ella !! Mandy’s ears perked up when she heard her talking to Steve 🙂 They truly are amazing parts of our families, and I think they bring out the best of our humanness 🙂 ❤

    • jillinois says:

      Oh- Mandy’s birthday is also in March (the 28th)…and we have yet to fully settle the pecking order. Depends on how much she wants her dried peas (no sodium, so she can have them as treats). Or, how much she wants to go to bed (I’m at her mercy when she starts in on that).

      • susiemorrow says:

        LOL so is Mandy top dog really and you get the occasional bone thrown, yes our dogs are wonderful friends and deserve so much respect. Ella loves her bed, she is so stuck on routine, which has been a bit of a blessing since I’ve been ill actually as I need a very rigid routine too. I forgot to mention in the post, since I became ill and Ive had to sleep often during the day, if i sleep downstairs on the seetee (thats UK for sofa) she keeps coming over to check on me, she nudges me awake to make sure I’m still alive – she never did that before I was ill (I did used to have the odd daytime sleep even when i was not a sicko).

    • susiemorrow says:

      Oh wow! SO Ella and Mandy have sort of met now then, thats fantastic. Ella does bully Steve so much, i encourage it and I shouldn’t, but it’s funny.

      Jill, your post on Mandy so inspired me. Ella is my furry baby. Like you say, they are family members as much as a child or a sister or a brother and we have been with dogs for millennia and they are part of our humanity. Who let the dogs out? Woof!

      • jillinois says:

        Mandy also is very attentive when I’m having lousy days, and will spend the day in bed with me, no complaints ! She has her pee pads, and food and water bowls, so she’s fairly self-sufficient (except for HER pills). She is a comfort.

        You’re also right about what it’s like to see them faint for the first time. I’d been through heart failure with my last schnauzer, Hannah- so knew what I was seeing, but it was still horrible. 😦

        Mandy makes my dad laugh, as she will growl at me, but let him do the same thing (usually something as ‘horrible’ as putting her legs down on my lap so her feet aren’t digging into my/his thigh so she’s lying down on my/his lap).

        They are gifts in life 🙂

      • susiemorrow says:

        What will we do without our lovely dogs Jill…

      • jillinois says:

        I know… my dad has already told me he’ll make sure I get another schnauzer (on disability I could never afford one)… and I’ll love it for her own quirks. But I dread the day Mandy leaves me, or has to be put down 😦

      • susiemorrow says:

        Let’s hope that day is a long time a coming Jill xx

  • rescuerover says:

    What a great story and a precious pup! Cheers to you for sticking it out with Ella and loving her unconditionally. So many people give up on their pets and it’s great to see you love her the way you do!

    • susiemorrow says:

      SO glad you liked Ella’s story. I could never forgive myself if I didn’t do everything in my power to make Ella as healthy and happy as I can, she is really a wonderful dog and I feel privileged to have her in my life. x
      BTW I admire people like you so much, thank god that you’re doing the work you are!

  • PussDaddy says:

    What a cute dog!

    I had an old cat with diabetes.He also had the beginning stages of kidney failure When diagnosed they gave him only 6 months to live. By taking him to the vet every Saturday morning for fluids to aid his kidneys and giving him insulin shots we were able to keep him alive with a good quality of life for s years instead of 6 months.

    After going to the vet every Saturday for 6 years he could tell by the turns the car took and by looking out of his pet carrier at the trees and tops of buildings that we had reached the street he lived on and he would get excited and stand up knowing he would soon be inside his own house.

    I sure didn’t like giving shots but I learned how to do it pretty fast. It took me a half hour to get up my courage to poke him the first time though. My husband was sent to war twice and the second time Pinky took a turn for the worst. I prayed he would make it until his Dad got home which was about another month but he lay down one night and just couldn’t get up. So the next morning I had to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep. He was 3 months shy of 19 years old.

    It sure did hurt to lose him. He was born in Germany (as was his Mom) and they both traveled all over the place with us. She died before he did though from what we think was a stroke.

    My kitties too have several names each and Pinky was also called Bubba (Bubba because I saw on a movie once someone name their dog Bubba saying every good southern family has a Bubba in it. So he became Bubba although more for the reason I agreed with the statement rather than my being Southern. Everyone I knew in the south had a damn Bubba.) Pinky’s real name on his registratioh papers was Sir Pinkerton von Little Rock.

    I hope Ella lasts a good while yet and I will keep her in my prayers as I do you.


    • susiemorrow says:

      Oh my god Pam, what a wonderful story. I read this at 7am in the morning and it has made my day. I wish I’d known Sir Pinkerton, he sounds like a regal and fine cat. It gives me faith in humans when I see that we can love other species so deeply and you obviously loved him very much to have done that trip every week, that is dedication.

      We have to inject Ella twice a day for her diabetes, been doing it 4 years now and I still hate it every time and get nervous every time.

      BTW Pinky’s name – that must be THE best name for a cat ever!

      🙂 xx

  • PussDaddy says:

    I meant to say we kept him alive for 6 more years-the s I typed was supposed to spell out six but I don’t know what I did with my I and x.

    Pinky had that big long moniker because his Dad was registered too and was born in Little Rock Arkansas at the air base and his owners gave him the last name Little Rock. So he took his Dad’s last name.

    Pinky had a sweet tooth-he liked Red Vines licorice, strawberry poptarts, and donuts which probably helped send him on his way to having diabetes because he always got bites of mine.

    But anywho the real reason I came back was to show you this woman here in Omaha who I saw on the news whose mom has lung cancer (and she never smoked and she also survived uterine cancer) who is now making sock monkeys for cancer victims


    Here is another blog post about her

    II am going to make a blog post about it tomorrow but I thought you might find it interesting because it shows that people do care about people they don’t even know.

    Have a nice day,


    • susiemorrow says:

      I read an article in New Scientist tat was saying that there are many forms of lung cancer and you don’t have to smoke to get some of them – thats a scary thought. It gives me hope in humankind to see things like this, mostly I think humans are horrible creatures, cruel to each other and other animals, then occasionally we shine, we just need to shine a bit more I think. xxx

  • PussDaddy says:

    You know I thinks it’s easier to love animals than people sometimes because animals think you are wonderful and don’t care what you look like or anything as long as you love them back. They never disappoint either while people you love the most sometimes do.

  • Lynn Ashbaugh says:

    My Chloe, I love your blog about Ella. There are so many similarities between Chloe and Ella. They look alike and they sound alike. Chloe also had a best buddy. She was a stuffed rabbit named Bunny. Bunny was her baby, although sometimes, Chloe would drag her around by her long ears. She would give bunny a bath. I had to wash Bunny in the washing machine several times. Bunny wore a dog collar, just like her mommy. I have reached down on many occasions to pet Chloe, only to find it was Bunny, They had the same color hair. I have a picture of Chloe by a siding glass door that looks so much like Ella’s. Chloe was my little hero. At a time in my life when I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, and was in terrible pain, physically and mentally and all alone, I became suicidal. I went as far as writing the note. I kept looking at Chloe. I worried who would feed her. She looked at me with that sweet little face, and I realized I could never go off and leave her. Chloe always knew when I was sick. She would sit by and worry. Once I had to call an ambulance. Chloe got up in my lap and braced herself across me. She didn’t want them to take me away. Chloe was a wonderful spirit. She had such a sweet soul. Yes, I believe dogs have souls. She loved everybody and everybody loved her. She made my life so happy!!!

    • susiemorrow says:

      They do seem to be very similar dogs. It is hard without them isn it. Life isn’t the same. Walks aren’t the same. Even sitting watching the telly isn’t the same. We were lucky to have Ella and Chloe in our lives. And yes I agree dogs, like everything creature ourselves included (although some seem not to) have a soul.

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