DPchallenge: I Wish I were…

October 30, 2012 § 7 Comments

Me looking particularly fed up in hospital – let me out! Even Instagram doesn’t make me look any better.

I noticed that this weeks WordPress ‘Weekly Writing Challenge’ is to finish the sentence, I wish I were.

It got me thinking about how to finish that sentence:

1. Do I wish I were, prettier? Certainly wouldn’t mind the ol’ steroid induced Moonface going away, but only tapering the steroids will sort that one out.

2. Do I wish I were thinner? Well again, steroid induced weight gain is a real problem I’d love to resolve without starving myself.

3. Do I wish I were in some lovely place, like Kangaroo Valley in Australia that I travelled to before I was ill? Well yes, but I’m too sick to travel for a while yet.

As you can see my, I wish I were sentence, seems to be heavily caveated.

It made me realise that really there is only one sane ending to that sentence, for me or anyone else who is facing similar problems (of which I know many of the regular readers of this blog have).

To us sicko’s the only way to truly end that sentence is with the words…not sick.

So WordPress, on behalf of all of us, in this special club of people with horrible/serious/chronic/debilitating illnesses, the sentence is:

I wish I were…not sick

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