Spoke too soon . . . .

October 29, 2012 § 7 Comments

Spoke a little too soon the other day….wouldn’t you know it.  Metallic taste has come back with vengeance, bones were achy over the weekend, and the usual tiredness set in.  Oh well, only one more chemo to go hopefully.  I still feel grateful that I have managed  the chemo pretty well.  I went for a walk today and realised just how unfit I am at present – but I guess that goes with the turf at the moment.  Next challenge will be taking the next steps to get on with my life – now there’s another challenge !!!!!

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§ 7 Responses to Spoke too soon . . . .

  • Bel says:

    Suz I think once you have this sorted you can deal with anything – suspect life will present you with very different opportunities in the future and every little thing (like going for a walk up Red Hill on a winter’s morning at high pace) will be a treat. In the meantime, I’ll drive you up there and we can get a cuppa up the top – how does that sound? x

  • jillinois says:

    Life changes. But it’s not all so bad- I appreciate just existing much more than I used to. I do get a bit paranoid if something comes up that isn’t right- but I don’t go too nuts. There is a different kind of strength that comes from having cancer (or any life-altering illness). ❤

  • Talking to Sue on the phone , reading her blog Sue strenght & postive way of dealing with her illness , is truly a inspiration to anyone facing a challenge in there life , I am so very proud of my daughter Sue ❤ xx


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