Friends . . . .

October 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

One of the things that I am humbled and privileged by is the generosity and kindness of my friends.  I feel like I have to put this in big print and bold it.  Together with my wonderful family (here where I live in Canberra and all the rest in Melbourne) my friends have provided the most amazing support and understanding throughout this whole cancer experience.  So much so that I sometimes feel a bit guilty that I am managing the treatment so well and feel so positive   – or maybe it is just that I am so positive because of them all.  I suspect it is actually the latter. 

People talk about how experiences like this encourage you to see your life differently – have different priorities.  That might be the case but to be honest, the thing that has struck me most is just how much I have valued the relationships I have and that without them this process would have been a whole lot tougher – not just more lonely but more frightening, more anxious and even more challenging.  Friends have this way of making you feel like you have the ability to do things you don’t even think you can do yourself.  Their generosity of spirit, kindness and unqualified understanding has helped me retain my confidence when, if left to me, I would have hit rock bottom.  While they may never appreciate the impact they have had, there is no doubt in my mind that what I will walk away with from this experience, is a very deep and humble appreciation that without friends and family not much is possible at all. 



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