Feeling Pretty Awful . . . Chemo Saturation Point !!!!!!

October 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

Over the last week I have been feeling pretty ordinary.  I feel like I have reached saturation point with the chemo and drugs – and just feel sick most of the time.  I feel sick in my stomach and in my head – this funny sicky headache thing.

When I started down this track  they warned me that the last three chemo doses are likely to  be more difficult than the first few.  And they are right.   I take the anti-nausea tablets and I guess they work for a while but I wake up each day with the same awful sick feeling.  There isn’t much I feel like eating – so that’s a struggle.  The metallic taste has come back with vengeance.  I thought that by drinking heaps and heaps of fluid that I might avoid it, but alas not.  I just end up nauseous, feel like I’m eating metal and get up all night to go to the toilet.

After dose four I am also finding that my bones are aching.  I was warned this might also happen but until the last dose of chemo I have, thankfully, managed to avoid it.

I’m also having lots of weird dreams – they seem very vivid at the time but I never seem to remember the details when I get up.

So I guess this is how things are meant to be – no point complaining.  Just get on with it !!!!


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§ 2 Responses to Feeling Pretty Awful . . . Chemo Saturation Point !!!!!!

  • Just had chemo 5 and I’ve got all of that!
    (Except the nausea. I’ve been really lucky with that. I don’t know why. I’ve been eating a very plant-based, low fat diet – could that be it?)

    Your comments about bone pain have cheered me up, as I’ve been having a little more pain here and there – you can’t help worrying that you’re putting it down to the chemo, but really it’s the cancer flaring up. I suppose that’s how life’s going to be from now on – every little pain or twinge signalling alarm.

    Keep going! We’ll get there! My brother-in-law said he didn’t realise how much the chemo affected him until he finished and discovered how much better he felt.

  • toemailer says:

    You are doing pretty good!

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