As Bald as an Ostrich . . . is that what they say ????

October 8, 2012 § 7 Comments

I’ve decided that I should liberate myself and show off to my friends (anyone who reads this post)  my bald head !!!!  I was thinking the other day that I really should take a photo of it just to remember what I look like with no hair.  So here it is – even though I have now been bald for several weeks it has taken me this long to come to terms with it and ‘share’ my new appearance.  I’m not up to walking the shops like this – but at least I feel comfortable enough to take the chemo hats off around the house (sometimes).

  Funny how hair takes attention away from the wrinkles and imperfections – no hiding them now !!!

Chemo number four tomorrow.  I think it is true what they say that the more you have the harder it is.  I seem to be increasingly tired and have very little interest in anything much.  I can get out of bed but beyond that I don’t really feel much like doing anything.  I can also smell the chemo more and more – and see the affects on my body – non of which I like.  At the moment it is hard to imagine what having energy is like but I guess it will all come back – eventually.  In the meantime I’ll just grin bear it – and look forward to the day when my life gets back on track.



§ 7 Responses to As Bald as an Ostrich . . . is that what they say ????

  • Nichole Smith says:

    Still beautiful.

  • I’m having the same thing with the tiredness and chemo smell. I’m just one chemo in front of you – session number 5 coming up this Tuesday. I sailed through the first sessions, but the last one really knocked me down, tiredness-wise. I’m dreading what kind of wreck I’ll be after two more sessions!
    I keep meaning to put up a picture of my bald head, too! I actually quite like it! People with hair are starting to look unnecessarily furry and untidy to me, like cave men!

  • Bel says:

    Omg Suey you look so beautiful – I am not just saying that, you really do. It’s almost like your features become more vivid or something. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with me; I feel very honoured and humbled too.

    Love you lots and more each time I see you,

    Bel xxx

  • iamrising says:

    Rock it love! Chemo is bad for you 😛 Have you tried a raw vegan diet? Hot yoga every day (it would be *sweet* nukes against the cancer cells)

    See my bald beacon of loveliness:

    Not a chemo patient though – I’m just that freaking liberated! 🙂


  • pansurvivor says:

    You look just beautiful! Your face is pink and you are smiling. Don’t worry about the energy. It will return. Rest, rest, rest. Like I said before, I don’t have cancer but do take chemo for autoimmune disease and it stinks, literally and figuratively. I take oral Imuran and will never get off it. I only had one IV Cytoxan treatment and I was spent afterwards, for daaayyyyys. Keep smiling!

  • Michy says:

    You look stunning… Thankyou for the privelage !!
    And to think that mum last saw that beautiful scalp only 21 years ago when you were born!!
    You are forever gorgeous Suey… In every way… Never forget that!!
    Much love
    Michy xx

  • jillinois says:

    You can ‘do’ bald !! I remember the cumulative effects of chemo, and it does get exhausting. Hang in there, and rest. If you have people offer to do things, LET them- that’s one of my big regrets is not asking for help.

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