Chemo Three Done and Dusted

September 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Had chemo dose number three yesterday – but it was such a big day (over six and a half hours) that I was totally exhausted after it.  Not sure exactly why it took so long yesterday – nothing different in terms of the the treatment just slower going through the veins. I got this weird rash on my hands and torso over the weekend but after talking to the nurses about it, seems to be some mild non-related allergy.  So the advice – just keep an eye on it.  Which is I guess, all I can really do.  It has cleared up in the meantime, although left me with tiny scabby little sore things – also on the mend.  Other than that, things are going pretty well for me.  I consider myself very lucky.

Like Sus I am also looking after my diet, but nothing too special for me – more just making sure I am eating and eating good, fresh healthy foods.  I’m not a great lover of cooking so easy meals are also big on the agenda for me – lots of fresh fruit and veg, protein etc.  Have to say though, that I always enjoy anything better when someone else cooks !!!!!!  I reckon I might pop over to Sus’s for meal – her’s sound way more interesting.  Sus – you go girl – next thing we know you will be starting a food blog !!

BTW – had to get more things for the head last week.  the hats are great but with some nice spring weather, I have decided I need to extend my range to some lighter head covers.  Needless to say, chemo hats are becoming my next big accessory!!!


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