You don’t realise what you’ve got till it’s gone . . . .

September 20, 2012 § 10 Comments

You know how I said I didn’t mind losing my hair – well I take it all back.  Having to look at  a bald head is bad enough – but the itch, well that is killing me.  And to call it itchy isn’t quite right either. It is sort of itchy and sort of sore and irritating.  In any case, I’d kill for a bad hair day in preference to the bald, itchy one I currently have.  To make it worse it is a patchy itchy, sore head  – smooth and soft in places, prickly in others and a little round black spot of stubble on the top of my head (about the size of a coin).  Hideous  – what more can I say.  As much as I love the hats they keep falling over my eyes (because nothing sits on my small potato head head) and I either feel too hot or too cold.  Yesterday in the car I thought my head was going to explode if I didn’t release some heat (ie take the hat off) – but of course then I worried about looking like some weird carjacker.  Needless to say the hat was off before i could get the keys out of the car when I got home.  Fashion and pride has never come at such a high price!!!!

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§ 10 Responses to You don’t realise what you’ve got till it’s gone . . . .

  • Oh yes, the itch! It continues. It also hurts in that vague way like you’ve had your hair bent the wrong way, or tied up too tightly in a band! I’m not finding a solution to it. I never wore hats in the past because they used to make my head itch, so perhaps it’s just the hat-wearing itself?
    I’m enjoying the heat aspect of hat wearing now we’re moving into autumn here. My nephew (just naturally bald!) has a lot of success wearing a ‘Buff’ ( which are supposed to be light, cool and UV protective. ‘Cept I can’t work out how you put them on! Lots of lovely patterns and colours though.

    • suzmareeroche says:

      Hi Victoria. I looked at the site and no wonder you dont understand how to put on a buff. I’ve never seen them before – but you are right they look pretty trendy.

      It has occurred to me that the hats are irritating my head so I have started to wear a little protective cap thing under them. It also helps the hat stay in the right place rather than fall over my eyes. Cancer and fashion just dont mix !!!!

  • jillinois says:

    I just went to the hair cutting place and had them mow my hair off (partly because of heat intolerance, and I’ve also got to have minor surgery to get rid of several cysts) !! The guy who worked there was sweeping up the pile of hair and said “Girl, we could make a fur coat with this”… uh, yeah- that’s the problem. 😀

    I was bald twice with chemo, and it is a strange sensation at first- but you will adjust. 🙂 Is there some sort of cream or lotion you can use to help the irritation? I also had a few stragglers and ended up shaving them off so I didn’t have odd patches.

    Don’t worry about what others think- they’re not going through what you are. If they fuss, blow them kisses 🙂

    • suzmareeroche says:

      I am thinking about exfoliating my head- what do you think?? Is that a bit too risky?? The itch feels like your skin does when it needs a good exfoliation – that’s why it crossed my mind that I might try it. Hope your surgery goes OK. It sounds like you are on a real merry go round. Take care. xx

      • jillinois says:

        I’d check before exfoliating, just to see that there isn’t some sort of chemical reaction from the chemo…but it sounds like it would feel great ! Another idea is to get a temporary (?) tattoo of an eyeball on the back of your head- keep people wondering what’s going on- LOL 😀

  • Trish Angliss says:

    Hey Suzanne…you look great in a hat 🙂 Will follow your blog to keep up with your progress. Much love. Trish

    • suzmareeroche says:

      Hi Trish

      It is so funny I was literally only thinking of you in the last couple fo days because it was just your birthday this week. Thanks for the note. Susan and I are doing this from different sides of the world. We have done some work together and have very similar personalities so when we coincidentally both got sick we decided to vent our frustrations and share news via a blog. Sus is really very funny so I enjoy reading what she has to say. Her illness is quite awful. While it probably isnt recognised as being as potentially serious as cancer, there is much less effort that has gone into understanding the disease and the treatment regimes. As a result sus gets these weird symptoms and then drug side effects. In the area of most cancers these days there are some pretty well established treatment protocols and the chemo these days is really not too bad – of course it is really toxic but they have ways to help manage the side effects which, thankfully makes things so much easier. I’m off to chemo again next Monday – 5/6 hours of intravenous drug feed – what a way to spend a day !!! Anyway glad to hear from you and hope you and your family are keeping well. Love suz x

      • Trish says:

        Yes I was thinking of you the other day also due to it being your birthday. You can look forward to next years birthday being much better. My family are all well and all back in Melbourne so it is great to have them around. Hope you have a good book to read for Monday’s chemo.
        love Trish xx

      • Hi Sus , I am Suzanne Mum I have read your journey , along with my loved daughter Suey , I cannot tell or express how much I admire you , dealing with the S….t that has been dealt to you , but I know that you have the strengh ,& the positive thoughts , to deal with your illness , thinking of you Sus , 🙂 xx

      • susiemorrow says:

        Thank you so much for saying that!! Suz is a wonderful woman, im proud to know her, thank you for making her so lovely. I think that when something really major happens, you sort of get jolted out of yourself and shocked into positivity. But Suz has also been a massive rock for me. I was diagnosed a few months before she really knew something was wrong with her (I did though, I just knew it was serious) and she was such a support and strength, at a time when I was confused and shocked and scared. I’ll always be grateful to her for that support. (p.s. I’m determined to come back to the land of Oz at some point in my near future, I’d love to meet you. xxx

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