Chewing Metal Bars

September 9, 2012 § 3 Comments

 Honestly that’s what it tastes like in my mouth most of the time – that I am chewing metal bars.  It has been like this for most of    the last week.  Besides that, I am doing really well after the first lot of chemo.  I saw my specialist this week and she is very happy with progress to date. The numerous lumps in my groin have reduced in size and my cough and wheezing has finally, finally abated.  after 5 months it is such a relief to be able to hold a conversation without being interrupted by a cough or short breath.  My mouth is in good shape and although I get tired, it is not as bad as I expected.  In fact i am feeling so much better than I expected, and I still have all my hair – that I am starting to think that maybe I am a bit of a fraud.  I even suggested to my specialist that I also felt cured – she assured me that wasn’t the case and that I had a way to go yet.

Today I went for a lovely walk in the sun.  It makes a difference with the sun on your back and the air with some warmth in it  – almost feels like spring (which is saying something because I live in Canberra and there is plenty of cold weather yet to come).  One odd thing – and I’m not sure if I am imaging this or not – but my eye sight seems to have deteriorated dramatically in the last couple of weeks.  I have real trouble reading – even with my reading glasses on.  I wouldn’t have thought that chemo affects your eyes but who knows – it is so toxic I also wouldn’t be surprised.  Tomorrow is the next dose of chemo but given I am feeling OK, I am not phased by the thought.  Even sitting in the chair with 6 -7 hours of intravenous drugs isnt that much of a deal at the moment.  I just sit and read my book, surf the net and listen to music.  It’s not a really social place and my experience so far is that people generally keep to themselves. I find that totally understandable – last time I know I just wanted to concentrate on getting through it so was pleased that no one actually engaged me in conversation.  Maybe as you get to be a regular, you feel a bit more chatty.  We shall see.  . . . .


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§ 3 Responses to Chewing Metal Bars

  • My experience exactly. Had three chemo cycles now, and it’s all been much better than I expected. The mouth thing is very subtle – actually it’s got better each time. After my first chemo we went for a ride on a steam train ; the smoke and steam seemed to coat my mouth and throat and never went away! It was a few days before I realized this was the metallic taste from the chemo.
    Each chemo session seems to knock me down a little bit more in terms of tiredness, but is so good that I still feel about 90%. The anti nausea drugs work perfectly for me.
    Funny how no one chats during infusion! I’ve noticed that, too, here in the UK. It must be a human reflex.

    • suzmareeroche says:

      Thanks for responding – it is actually good to know that I’m not the only one who is coping with it all better than expected. The progress that has been made in recent years to manage the side affects chemo have really made a huge difference to the treatment – and I for one are very grateful!!!!

  • Bel says:

    Hey Suzi. Sorry I missed you this weekend – have come down with a cold caught from either Don or Jack and of course you are a ‘no go’ area when sickness is concerned. I should have texted but felt a bit gruesome so have had my head down a lot of the time. Hope you had a nice dinner party last night. Will send you big hugs tomorrow. Can you take calls in the chair????

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