Paralympians, I salute you

September 1, 2012 § 12 Comments

I was watching the paralympics on television and just felt humbled.

Here I am, whining about being ill, boo hoo me.

And out there are people who have had to overcome terrible physical problems and then all of the emotional and mental issues that surface when that happens.

Who have to deal with prejudice each day.

Who have to deal with the awful lack of facilities for disabled people in public places.

Who have to deal with loss and grief.

And yet, who have made a super human effort to overcome those hurdles and prove they are the best at what they do.

I want to extend an humbled awe, to not just the paralympians, but to anyone who has a disability, be that for a physical or medical reason and who manages by super human effort to move on in their lives, past their situation and still do amazing things.

But  while I’m on, I also want to point out one other thing too. There was quiet demonstration going on against the company ATOS in the opening Ceremony this week, as also mentioned in this blog post (good read, by the way) Paralympics 2012 – Opening Ceremony.

ATOS have sponsored the ceremony and yet ATOS are also the company responsible for overseeing the current disability benefit assessment fiasco being carried out in the UK, where hundreds of thousands of genuinely disabled people, are being taken off benefits: Nice choice of sponsor, talk about rubbing it in.

Yet another hurdle placed in the way of people with disabilities and medical problems, at a time in their lives when they can least cope with it. It sickens me and I’m already sick.

Let’s end on a positive note and say good luck to all those amazing paralympians who show us what it is to be truly human.


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§ 12 Responses to Paralympians, I salute you

  • jillinois says:

    I haven’t found coverage of the Paraolympics here in the US. I’m sure it must be on somewhere, but the main networks aren’t covering them- I find that very sad. A lot of folks ended up disabled defending this country… we could at least support their athleticism, which is usually better than most able-bodied folks. Thanks for posting this- they deserve the recognition.

    (and boo to the UK decision makers who are ripping the rug out from under the disabled…it’s kind of a mess here as well, but usually ‘only’ when folks try to get ON disability…can take years, and they have to live on fumes, if that).

    • susiemorrow says:

      I heard that the US wasn’t covering it much – I find that appalling, it’s like saying what they do doesn’t count. And yes one of the paralympians form the UK is a man who was deemed dead and in a body bag when he got blown up in Iraq – I hate the way people are treated if they aren’t deemed ‘normal’. God help us all because theres very few ‘normal’ people in the world.

      The disability allowance (and various other decisions) changes are actually shocking – I’m more than happy to pay my taxes to get a fair society for all, some of course, aren’t…

  • jillinois says:

    It is appalling.
    Over here, we all pay into ‘Social Security’ while we’re working, which is for retirement and for disability before retirement. I get that. It’s hard to get it (even though someone has paid in), and many people are denied many times, and have to go through attorneys and court to get their benefits. But there are big problems with how our government uses the funds, and the huge overspending- so there is talk of Social Security getting a major overhaul. It’s basically genocide. Without Social Security, I’d be doomed. I do get long term disability that I bought as insurance when I was working- it’s good for another 13 1/2 years…then I’ll just get SS. I”ll have to move to some creepy apartment, and be poor for the rest of my life. I’m not doing more than scraping by now. It’s a scary thing to think about.

    • susiemorrow says:

      What really upsets me is the blanket view that people getting these benefits are somehow not entitled, or cheating the system, or whatever. The vast majority of people on benefits have paid into the system for years and have earned them – especially those suddenly hit with a disabling illness. My heart is with you Jill. It’s a sad and dysfunctional society that cannot find a way to help out in unforeseen circumstances like many of us find ourselves.

      • jillinois says:

        Yeah, I hate when people look at me like I’m just lazy when I’ve got a diagnosis to go with just about every organ system in my body. But, in the end, I know I’m not a fraud. I was also very consistent with buying long term disability insurance when I was working- that is the difference between living somewhere decent, and needing weapons to be safe in my own home.

  • Frank Garcia says:

    Your blog is very enlightening and inspirational!

    • susiemorrow says:

      Thanks Frank!
      I want to say while I’m on, I read your blog, it is so well written and interesting. I especially liked the post on children, it was…I’m sorry I have to use this word…frank, honest, open, real and you are brave opening up about such an emotive issue that is very taboo – I left comment to that effect.

      • Frank Garcia says:

        I just now read it! Thank you very much!
        Yea, kids just aren’t my thing. I have a friend who I have known since like 8th grade, and he lovessssss children. Guy wants like 8 or 9. We have this agreement that, if I ever accidentally have a kid, I can give it to him, and he will care for it!

      • susiemorrow says:

        Ha! Excellent agreement! What a plan

  • jillinois says:

    We finally got about 3 minutes of Paralympic coverage on the news the other night (mostly about the generalities- nothing about any specific US athletes to rally behind). It was sort of a token blurb that was almost insulting. I really wish one of the sports networks had grabbed on to this and let all of us see these amazing athletes.

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