Lessons From Day Four

August 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

I am seriously technically challenged !!! -Wrote this blog earlier and then lost it – so here’s hoping I do a better job second time round.

Day Four (yesterday) started well.  Woke up early and pretty refreshed. Did a few jobs around the house, walked the dogs, wrote a blog, checked and responded to emails, dropped in to see a girlfriend and had coffee with another friend – all before 12.00pm.  Even managed a latte – yippee !!!!   Had some lunch and then settled into writing a response to a Business Tax Discussion paper defending the position of R&D Tax Incentives at the expense of broad brush business tax cuts.  Ended up feeling pretty pleased with my efforts – the brain cells still working despite the chemo drugs (HAZCHEM !!).  Predictably though by the end of the day I literally felt ‘spent’ and sick.  Managed dinner, watch one of those Jamie Oliver Meals in 30 Minutes shows (God that guy makes food look fantastic, easy to cook and delicious to eat) and went to bed – 8.30 – early but not too bad.   Lesson from Day Four – pace yourself Suz !!!!  have to admit this is not something I find comes natural.  Having been used to a busy, energetic action packed life for so many years, I sort of feel like a fraud when I’m not filling my time with doing something – clearly the something these days has to be downsized, down packaged, down energised or something along those lines.

Day Five (from the first day of Treatment) – woke up with a Day Four Hang Over.  Didn’t sleep much and used the non-sleeping time to think about all the other issues I have to worry about (that’s another story).  Spent a lot of the night coughing and have sore ribs from the coughing and wheezing (I thought the steroids were suppose to stop the shortness of breath).  In any case the energy an enthusiasm from Day Four had quickly dissipated into lethargy and nausea and this sick head feeling that can only be described as ‘nauseous head syndrome’ – a mix of headache and sick in the stomach feeling but in my head.

Thankfully have since managed to take some mild drugs for the head and have some lunch – and pleased to say feeling a bit better.  Also managed a cup of coffee this afternoon – for some reason off my usually preferred home brewed tea.  Who knows how to account for these sorts of changes in taste preferences ???  My girlfriend would like to catch up for a drink after work today (lemonade for me I think) – which also sounds good to me BUT . . . in the spirit of yesterdays lesson…………….. need to pace myself.  I’ll and see how things are going in a couple of hours and hopefully I’ll feel up to it.  I get the lesson stuff – but also keen to make sure I do things when I’m not feeling too bad.  There will be plenty of crappy days for sure, so hoping to use the not so bad ones to good advantage when I can.

Keep posted……………….

Suz – pacing herself …...


§ 2 Responses to Lessons From Day Four

  • Malcolm says:

    You’re just one tough nut Suz. Hang in there. And enjoy the chance to keep on trying hats!

  • jillinois says:

    Yeah, my taste buds went on some psychotic spree when I was on chemo… for a long time the only things I wanted were cold packed kosher pickles and jalapeño poppers. Oy. You’re right- pacing is important 🙂

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