The photo is coming . . . but in the meantime

August 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s Suz here – the one with ‘z’ not the ‘s’. I’m the one from ‘down under’ and when you finally get to see my ‘pic’, the one with the curly hair (at least for the moment).  

So let’s start with an apology.   I’m also the one short on ‘real’ technical skills so apologies in advance if I in any way stuff up this blog between now and when I manage to post it.  Sus will help me out over time – so please bear with me. 

For me, this blog is about conversations.  First and foremost it is about giving voice to the conversations in my head and trying to make sense of them.  I have no doubt that these conversations are shared by just about anyone who has found themselves reflecting on the unexpected and sometimes unfathomable twists our lives take.  In my case I have, until recently, been a very fit, active, energetic (maybe even to energetic) 52 year old with a deep passion for life and, like all idealists, passion for thinking I can make it better for everyone.   While I can’t really say I ‘play hard’ I certainly work hard – and even harder as the circumstances demand. Without a doubt I have let the boundaries between work and just everything else blur.  While in this day and age this is by no means exceptional, it is only of late that I have realised just how much of ‘me’ has also been ‘blurred’ and lost in the process.

So how does this relate to the fact that I have recently been diagnosed with cancer (which I can hardly believe I am hearing myself say) ?  While on one level I think I am still trying to work this out, on another, for better or for worse, it has been the ‘circuit breaker’ to quite literally make me turn the mirror back on myself.  I’m not talking about the stereotypical ‘shake-up’ here.  It’s not even all that cathartic.  For me it’s got something to do with having to take the time – being compelled too take the time to stop simply intellectualising about what you want to change, to focusing on what you can change in your own life to make it better and more fulfilling for ‘you’, ie ‘me’.  This is the starting point for me and for my contribution to this blog.  This blog is my conversation about the future.  It is about conversations that inspire and give faith when you think you are the only one listening.  It is about the relevance of this conversation to others – and the conversation they want to have in return.  So let’s keeps talking. 

More about me and my illness and what it all means next time.  



§ One Response to The photo is coming . . . but in the meantime

  • Malcolm says:

    O Suz. Thank you. Both of you are truly amazing people.

    You have strength neither of you knew you had.

    You will give strength to others too.

    We are all with you.


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